Bunker vConnect Chicago - Featuring Veteran Entrepreneur Business Showcase

Thu, Mar 4, 3:00 PM (CST)

Join the Chicago Bunker Labs Community where we will showcase the 2020B Veteran in Residence Cohort members and the businesses they are growing right in Chicago! Then we'll level Up with Bunker Connect, a facilitated business networking event designed to intentionally build meaningful connections.

About this event

The Bunker vConnect event series is the adaptation of the in-person facilitated networking program, Bunker Connect, piloted by Bunker Labs and the Schultz Family Foundation, where 90% of attendees made meaningful connections.

Why would I be interested in yet another virtual event?

Probably more than ever, you need every bit of help and support you can get. At the same time, there’s no better way to quell anxiety and stress than by helping others.

Finding a good mentor can be tough and networking is often a chore. Why not try something different that’s fun, effective, and benefits the military-connected community? Grow your network and help others do the same.

Who is this for?

This event is for you if you are looking for:

Advancements in your current position

A fun, new way to increase your network

Exposure to new opportunities and resources

Ways to help through mentorship

Active duty military, veterans, military veteran spouses, and their supporters are strongly encouraged to participate and connect.

No matter who you are, come connect with your community - to share your wisdom and learn from others with insight - and have a great time doing so.

What exactly is this? Webinar? Workshop?

Bunker vConnect is a new approach to networking. This fun, unique, and highly effective experience fosters meaningful connections through structured facilitation.

Made possible by the Schultz Family Foundation, Bunker vConnect seeks to harness the wisdom, expertise, and network in your community.

As one of the largest national nonprofits dedicated to realizing the dreams of the military-connected community, Bunker Labs is piloting this program online.

How is this different? What can I expect?

Bunker vConnect is an Interactive Experience

This will be an interactive and enriching experience. Come prepared to engage and develop. Here’s the plan

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