A-Jay Orr

About Me

I'm an IT security expert and certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 12,000 documented hours of project management experience. I'm also the founder and CEO of Simple Plan IT—a technology and digital risk management company that helps business leaders leverage sophisticated solutions to achieve business growth while maintaining compliance in heavily regulated industries. As a veteran of the US Armed Forces, selfless service in the pursuit of a greater good is my binary code. After years as a Technology Advisor, I recognized a fundamental problem in the way small and mid-size organizations approached technology and made it my purpose in life to fix it. Decades of IT experience combined with my strategic PM approach, personable communication style and ability to literally work under fire, make me a truly unique expert in the field. From reducing annual IT budgets by 40% and deploying complex networks across multiple countries to helping organizations achieve international regulatory compliance, I strive to embody the term, virtual CIO and dedicate my life to supporting and protecting the interests of my clients through simple yet powerful IT solutions.